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The goal of this campaign was to to drive room nights over the long Thanksgiving day weekend in Downtown Houston.

Our audiences included both Austin and Houston, who were reached through the following platforms:

stuff to do

The StuffToDo x UNATION Platform ​

We presented the 70th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Thing-A-Ma-Jingle on Main St, and the Mayor’s Tree Lighting as opportunities for people in Houston and Austin to connect with those who share the same passions through our own StuffToDo City Guides and our event discovery web and app platform, UNATION.

 It was through these platforms and the presentation od creative and useful content that we reached another 16k unique qualified visitors.

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The creation of videos enhanced the story-telling element of this campaign immensely. Our custom experience videos allowed over 7k people to envision themselves in Houston for the weekend. 

In addition, each video was made in a way that Visit Houston can repurpose and reuse the content in their own upcoming campaigns.

Stuff To Do Facebook Pages

We utilized our established StuffToDoInAustin and StuffToDo InHouston social media pages to reach highly targeted audiences in both cities. 

This was done through organic and paid means. Our targeted ad campaign alone drove over 520k impressions and more than 16k unique qualified visitors.

199 K
1 K
unique qualifies visitors

StuffToDo Instagram Pages​

The use of original, creative content played a large role in capturing the attention of our audience on our Instagram pages in Austin and Houston.

By leveraging IGTV, Stories, and Posts we gained over 56k impressions and an incredible amount of engagement.

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By the numbers...

Events are where friendships are formed, relationships are deepened and causes are championed. The idea to “Stay and Play” in Downtown Houston only strengthened the overall experience of what the city had to offer. To that end, we believe that your event was presented as an OPPORTUNITY for people in Houston and Austin as a way to connect with those who share the same passions.
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